1965-Weston, Mass

Young Sam Parrini played a dazzling program of violin pyrotechnics in Landrum today. Of course he made his violin sing for us, too. I understand that the program he played is the one he prepared for his audition tape for application to various music schools when he graduates from high school in Spring.
As I wrote earlier about Filip Pogády, I never expected to here this kind of music played live, and right here in Landrum, too! Of course I am not qualified to criticize—I go to enjoy, and I do. But it seems to my ears that Sam as it all already . . . His intonation and bowing seemed like perfection to me . . . Octaves, harmonics, spiccato bowing—the works!But I am sure his college professors will help him along toward fulfilling his promise. I do remember the Heifetz master classes on TV . . .
 Sam plays a violin made by Arie Werbrouck in 2012 and uses a bow made by Thomas Goering. The violin seemed to me to speak with a fine voice, so I asked Sam whether he had had opportunity to play one by a famous Italian craftsman for comparison. He said with a grin that he “got to hold a Guanerius briefly once.” I will say only that this fiddle and bow served both Sam and the music he chose to play for us very well . . . and the “Bravos” and two standing ovations bear me out.

Garland Goodwin, Columbus, North Carolina

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